Most Early Bird SEO Tricks for Newbie Bloggers: Know how you can up rank in Google SERPs

Being a new blogger in world of content, the first thing pop into your mind is not just you have to make your content quality oriented and addictive for readers but also scale in the topmost list of Google searches. And here comes the SEO (search engine optimization) which is solemnly responsible for making your website or blog count for search engines. The strategy of SEO ensure that most of the person or relevant person who hits the search engine to reach to your blog at highest priority. These days where high quality content is not just enough to raise your business website or blog on search results. As a new blogger you need a head start here, so here are some SEO tricks!

1. Hosting Priorities
Choosing wisely with hosting is one of the game changer step when you starting with blogging.
Consider to buy hosting instead of free one where you will have larger pool of customization and option for SEO optimization and efficient web designing. Nowadays, SEO Indian companies are offering numerous SEO customization options where you can remote them according to your need
2. Using Meta tags in your website/blog
Meta tags are necessary to make it relevant for Google Search engine result pages (SERP). Irrespective of your web hosting, the Meta tags are used in coding page of website to obtain relevant visitor on your website/blog. Most important Meta tags are Meta description and Meta keywords which you must include in your to-do list. Meta description is snippet for your website which reflects in Google SERPs and Meta keywords are keywords which make your website more SEO friendly. Following are the sample of Meta tags –

<meta name= “description” content = “This is the description that is going to show in your Google SERPs as in snippet”>
<Meta name= keywords” content= “blogging, website, metatags, SERPs, keywords, SEO, Google”>

3. Commenting on other blogs, Forums and other platforms
One of the most trending and interesting SEO trick which is perused by new as well as established bloggers. Just explore more websites and blogs like one you have which enjoys greater mass of audience and comment on their posts. Participate yourself as your own blog name or brand in the conversations. Try to present your blog, links similar posts or solutions there. Even simple lingering on forums, offering your piece of advice, suggestions or content to other users as well helps to build your reputation among other potential readers as well as competitors. This is something where you do not have to include SEO Indian companies or any SEO expertise.
4. Having your theme optimized
This is something you should not miss out while optimizing your website or blog. First, choose the theme which has wider range of optimization level in every aspect. Better if you buy a theme so that you can have all the SEO optimization plug-ins and options or choose where you can buy its full version later. Customization in theme includes Meta keywords in posts, using SEO keywords, tags etc. It helps to index your website early and up rank your website. Social media plug-ins are also necessary to reach your readership. You can hire well known SEO company in India which can ease your work here.
5. Make you website efficient for multiple device
Mobility of online platform is very much matters now as in this fast pacing life, numerous devices are remotely used to find content online. So it is necessary to make your website customized accordingly to the mobile accessibility format and other devices like Tablet, iPhone etc as well.

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