Sitting on a couch watching TV after a long day at work is great pleasure. To enjoy this priceless experience you need a remote that you can hold and change the channels with, effortlessly. A remote should be easy to use and must give you a good control over the operation. Best air mouse for Kodi remote helps satisfy this very need and you can access the TV box in comfort with this.


            There are many verities in this remote. Some of the best are given below.

  • Rii i8
  • INT-422
  • Rii I25
  • Aerb mni
  • Gemtune F21
  • Maketheone mini
  • Hausbell mini H7
  • FeBite MX3 pro

Some of these are explained below.

Rii i8:

            Rii i8 is a full QWERTY keyboard remote which is quite popular. It has control over many things like, volume, channels etc. especially when seeing a movie with dim lights seeing the buttons in the remote becomes almost impossible. Have no worry because this remote come with a backlight which brightens up the keypad so that you can operate the remote comfortably. This remote is provided with rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to keep searching for some battery for the remote to work


            This remote has multiple functions; it has the basic buttons to control the kodi TV box. The buttons provided are mushy. This remote also has backlight so it can be used in a dark room at ease. Rii Rii I25:

            Rii I25 remote has a very classy look with sleek edge, black and orange finish and also they are comfortable to use. The important thing is that this remote misses backlight so seeing the buttons in the dark becomes very difficult. This remote can be used as a mouse. This remote is cheap and reliable.

Aerb mni:

            The Aerb mni wireless multifunction may look like a normal remote but inside of it is a number of sensors and also this device can be used as an air mouse. Through this you can have full control over Kodi’s box. This remote is constructed in a really professional way when compared to the other remotes.

Gemtune F21:

            Gemtune 3D doesn’t have the stereotypical, boring design that is usually associated with remotes, rather it has been designed boldly different. This remote also has the air mouse mode. It is powered by AAA batteries and it has quite a range. This remote is quite big and some users may find it uncomfortable to use.

Maketheone mini:

            Maketheone mini is a remote which has an excellent touch pad at the center. This device operates with AAA batteries. Since there is no backlit the batteries may last longer.


            Selecting the perfect type of remote that is suitable for you can be difficult. There are many things that you should keep in mind before selecting the Best air mouse for Kodi, for instance if you are a heavy typer then you should choose the one that is most compact with well shaped buttons. Do research on the different types available for there are many types in this brilliant invention.