VideoScribe – An ideal Whiteboard Animation Software!

  1. About the Software:

Its a a premium whiteboard animation software which allows the user to combine different objects to whiteboard canvas for an engaging work. The different objects which can be added includes voices overs, soundtracks, videos with animation, drawing effects and more. Through this software, viewers get an effective content, which the creator was wishing to convey. This VideoScribe review will give you a clear picture about the software and its structure.

  1. Tour Through the software:

Once this doodle animation software starts running, the user will be taken to a login page. The user can either login with his existing account or create a new one.Once logged in, the user is taken to a new window which shows all the previously saved works or the user can start a new one anytime. The user also able to categorize and arrange his works in folders for easy access.

Different features of the software:

I . Canvas :

Once a new work is initiated in the software, the user is taken to a fresh and new canvas area. This White canvas is a massive whiteboard which elongates in all direction and the user is viewed only a small part of it. To this canvas, different objects can be added to make the content more engaging and appealing. This window also has a toolbar at the top and a timeline area at the bottom.

  1. Image Element :

An image can be added to the canvas through the image icon present in the toolbar. The user is able to add an image from the image library, recently used images, or a new one fromyour computer/laptop. This VideoScribe review also gives a clear picture of what is an image library. The image library included in the software has an enormous collection of images which are organized for quick access. After adding an image to the canvas, it can be repositioned, resized and also rotated accordingly. In addition to this, the user is also able to customize the drawing time, type of animation, transition, for the drawing of this image on to the canvas in the timeline area.

iii. Text Element :

Next to the image icon in the toolbar, it the text icon which can be used to add texts to the canvas. The user can type in the text, choose the font, choose the color, and add it to the canvas. The text which is added can also be repositioned, resized and rotated to the wish of the user. Like the image element, the animation speed and other things of the text element can also be modified by the user in the timeline area located at the bottom.

  1. Voiceovers :

Adding a voiceover can be done in a number of ways including, recording the user’s voice. Recording can be done in thesoftware itself or can be done through other softwares and later import it. Another way is to build a scribe(canvas) first and record voice while viewing through the scribe.

  1. Soundtrack :

A soundtrack can be added by clicking on the soundtrack button placed on the toolbar. The user has an option between adding a soundtrack from your computer/laptop or adding one from the web. Like the image library, there is a huge soundtrack library which is sorted according to their tempo. The user also has a chance to preview each soundtrack prior to adding them.

Vi. Saving and Publishing the work:

The user can save and publish his work to various sites including Facebook, YouTube, PowerPoint, or to the computer/laptop. A publish button at the top right corner is used for this purpose.

III. Final Verdict:

To conclude, this is a heavily customizable doodle animation software with tons of featured for content creators. It’s easy to use and work upon. The software is also available for a 7-day trial period. The user can also upgrade to paid plans with a 2 week money back guarantee, if in case, the user is not happy with the software after upgrading.