A Technical Professional With Excellent Communication Skills!

Understanding web development and technical products and services in the market can be a challenging task. It is here that clients rely on experienced professionals for advice and guidance. When it comes to marketing and selling these products, they need to explain to potential customers and clients their essence and utility. A good professional will always make an earnest effort to achieve the above!

An expert who cares

Steve Silvers is the Vice President of Product Management for Neuster IDMP that is an integral part of Neustar Marketing Solutions in the USA. He is widely respected and known for his invaluable knowledge in information technology. He has a rich technical background with deep experience in the field of Adobe and Microsoft. He is currently a popular name in the field of ad-tech in the USA today. He has been instrumental in providing information, knowledge and guidance to his peers and subordinates in the field of attribution, website interplay, attribution, types of conversion and integration of ad-servers.

Education and background…

When it comes to his education, he has completed his BS in the field of Computer Science from the University of Michigan. He started his career as a professional web developer. He is known for effectively solving complex technical issues with his dedicated engineering teams. His team members say that he is a role model that always is ready to train and listen. He has a problem- solving attitude and helps his sub-ordinates whenever they face issues in the project. They state that he has excellent ability when it comes to the area of communicating and explaining complex concepts to his clients and customers. He can explain very complicated and complex subjects in a very simple way. Thanks to this talent and ability, clients and customers are able to understand products and their benefits.

Making clients and customers happy…

He says that when it comes to the technical and web development arena, it is hard for the clients and customers to understand and know what they want. This is why he says it is important for professionals in the field of web and technical development to explain concepts to clients and customers in an easy way. They need to understand the utility and the benefits of any product before they embrace it.  He says that when he is with his clients and customers, he takes time to ensure that they are aware of what they are getting. An informed client or customer is a happy one- this is one area where professionals have to be aware of in order to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction he says. Once the client or the customer can grasp the essence of the product, he or she is willing to use it.

Steve Silvers is well-known for his expertise in the field of technical and web-development. He is at home with small to large companies when it comes to helping them with their Waterfall and Agile Development process as well as other projects. He possesses exemplary leadership skills and is a skilled public speaker. He also is an avid sailor and loves each minute of his work and passion, he says!