Awesome producer of free FCPX plugins

Final Cut Pro X, also popularly known as FCP X was actually announced in April, 2011 and it is released in June, 2011. The FCP X update that was released with a new Mac Pros in the year 2013 was the most important update since the launch of FCPX. One of the most frustrating aspects that everyone faces at the time of editing is the time that you have to spend on the color correction, the noise removal, and on adding overlays. It would be super, if you could complete these tasks with a simple drag-and-drop. As a lucky option, there are several plugins for Final Cut Pro that will enhance the quality of your work and also save your valuable time while editing. The major selling point for this free FCPX plugin is free fcpx effects and users absolute necessity of editing within less span of time.

Few of the best plugins for FCPX are as follows:

  • Easy Tracker : This simple yet time saving plugin allows FCPX users to track any type of object in frame, adding titles, images, or custom animations to your shot
  • M Transition Plugin Pack: MotionVFX brings us an easy-to-use plugin for the purpose of lightning-fast edits. It offers advanced free fcpx effects, just with the simple drag-and-drop functionality. This pack improves the production value of your content by saving you editing time
  • mVertical : This useful yet free plugin allows you to add a variety of backgrounds to the vertical footage filling up the screen. You have 3 main options to choose from for the background: mirror, scale, or copy. You can change the background however you’d like by setting its motion and blur
  • Audio DeNoise:  This low cost plugin automatically removes or decreases noise with just a simple drag-and-drop action. It saves a lot of your time to bring down noise in the background. It allows you to customize the audio until you feel it is fit for you

Though there are many sites that offer you download of FCPX plugins, Stupid Raisins is one of the best site that offers Free Final Cut Pro Plugins. It offers Free FCPX transitions, templates & plugins exclusively created for free fcpx effects Final Cut Pro. With many amazing and top rated companies and individuals making these useful and brilliant plugins, the video editing landscape has never looked healthier or more creative. In past, the tasks that used to take several hours and had to be built up over layers and layers, now have become as simple as possible just with drag and drop option. Many of these FCPX plugins are released as freebies from most reputed companies. These plugins are also given as samples and as trial versions from FCPX editors whose idea is simply to share the cool plugin that they’ve created. Here at Stupid Raisins website, they have done just that very same thing by providing their own free collection of FCPX. They provide fantastic free plugins. They have a list of approximately 50 to 55 best plugins for FCPX.