Internet safety for kids 101

When it comes to online safety for kids, you can never trust them if they have access online. You need to be sure that this is properly managed. Kids have a vague understanding of what is right and what is wrong. It is up to you as a parent to educate them about it so that they would know how to be responsible for being online.

This can also serve as a good training for kids in order to be responsible online. It’s like potty training (lol), but kidding aside, you do need to guide your kids about online because not everything about online is beautiful. There’s good, bad, fun, cool, disgusting, sexual, bullies, creeps and much more. You might not always be there especially if they’re growing older, but if you train them properly you will be able to trust them in being responsible in the future, but for now, you need to follow this advice:

Have parental controls: The best bet you have would be to restrict, block and manage the things that your kid can access online. Parental controls are very helpful in a sense that it works even if you’re not near or you’re asleep. It makes sure that your child is in a safe and controlled online environment that you made.

Mandate a time: If they love to go online, impose a time and rules when they can go online. After they finish eating or study, that sort of thing. It’s also a good reward if they’re a good kid so that they don’t abuse it.

No social media: There are a lot of inappropriate people, creeps, stalkers, and bullies online. These things make online a very dangerous place for a kid and you should keep your kids away from these types of sites and apps. Not all people are nice and social media has a lot of those.

Be the spy: If you dream to be a spy all your life, well now is your lucky day! Since you’re a parent of a very intelligent kid, it’s time you practice your spy skills. Access their messages to know who your kids are contacting and what their topics are. If you see something that can potentially do harm then block it by all means.

Do a background check: you can never be complacent about your kids’ friends, kids now are smart and surely they might be planning to rule the world and maybe your kid is one of the generals! So do a background check on who your kids’ friends are and if they are up to no good.

So before your kids can move on their grand plan to rule the world, it’s your responsibility and mission to stop them. But seriously, you need to be the one that needs to discipline your kid and give them a clear view on what is wrong, what is right and being responsible for being online. Don’t sugar coat what can possibly happen but also not tell it too harsh (it’s a kid after all).