Why a Good Web Design is Important to Engage With Customers

The world of Internet is teeming with websites that cover almost every conceivable domain of human activity. As the Internet embraces within its sweep more number of people from across the world there is an increased clamor to go online by individuals, groups, businesses or any entity worth its salt. The clamor is mainly to tap the immense potential of the vast multitude of people that strides the Internet. However, this is easier said than done for more number of websites belonging to any particular domain would mean greater number of choices for the customers. In other words, the chances of a particular website to get a hit with customers diminish as more become available.

The obvious answer to this conundrum is undertaking SEO techniques, which have the potential to put a website high in Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs. Thus, higher a website is seen on SERPs greater are its chances of scoring a hit with people. This begets the question – is that enough? The answer is obviously NO as most website owners probably think along the same lines.

Even featuring high on SERPs does not necessarily guarantee a visit let alone conversion. And given the exacting demands of search engines, featuring high on SERPs on a consistent basis is a tricky business. To add to that, various surveys have pointed to the attention span of customers being that of 20 seconds on an average. Given such challenges investing in a good website design makes a lot of sense for it would have the potential to hold the attention span of customers. So, people looking for web design company in Delhi or elsewhere should engage players who are conversant with their job and utilize the below mentioned factors while designing a website.

Factors to be kept in mind while designing a website

Navigability: It basically means visitors should be able to access every aspect of the website, and in doing so should be well guided by navigational bars, search buttons, and other visible cues. In fact, navigation should be intuitive enough for even a layperson to comprehend. Any web design company in Delhi or elsewhere should strike a balance between aesthetics and navigation where one should not limit the other.

Brand visibility: The brand associated with your company and reflected through imageries on print materials should be visible on the website as well. Customers should be able to relate to the brand when they come across the same on print or in a website. The consistency of depicting your brand across media channels induces a kind of recall value in the minds of customers.

Placing the content: The web design company in Delhi or elsewhere engaged by your company should place the content on the website in a top to bottom manner such that it can be read from left to right – like in a book. In fact, due care should be taken to put the important company or product related information on the top left hand corner only. This in turn helps the website in improving its SEO ranking as well.

Type of content: The website should have relevant content arranged in an easy to understand way. The content in the form of text, images or video should be interspersed evenly so that it doesn’t appear to be cluttered. This is mainly to ensure the eyes of visitors could take a breather. Also, the content should be updated periodically so that it doesn’t appear to be dated.

Interaction: The website developers or handlers should interact with customers should the latter post any comment, for such interaction develops trust in your website/brand.