Learn how to send fax from Gmail in 5 easy steps

Instead of going through the process of download files and then sending them by fax machine, now you can send fax with the help of your e-mail. In situations where you don’t own a fax machine or don’t have access to one, you can send fax on your laptop, tablet, or even smart phone. Yes! It is as easy as it sounds and all you need to have is an e-mail account.

Gmail is the undisputed king it the world of e-mail providers. If you look around, almost every other person will have a Gmail account. Gmail is not just popular among people for their personal use but also used by companies for professional work. All the important messages regarding your work is mailed to you and not Whatsapped or text messaged to you which makes it important for you to know how can you send an email to fax.

Even though Gmail was started as an invite-only service, it gained massive popularity and user-base soon. This free e-mail service by Google can connect to other features of Google like Google Drive, Google Maps, calendars, and much more. But being able to send fax by e-mail was the one important thing that was missing from Gmail and now, even that problem can be dealt with! How can you send an email to fax? Now this question might trouble you if you are not aware of these simple steps.

Step 1: Open your Gmail account and click on the “Compose” button like you always do whenever you want to send.

Step 2: Fill the “To” field with the fax number to which you need to send the fax. Along with the fax number, add the domain name given by your fax provider. For example, use “@faxprovider.com” after the fax number. To know the domain name of your fax provider, check the welcome mail of your provider or click on the “help” option and enquire.

Let’s say you need to send a fax from your e-mail to 777-777-777, all you need to do is send it to 777-777-777@faxpack.com; where faxpack.com is the domain name given by your fax provider.

Step-3: Whatever you enter on the “Subject” field or the “Message” field will appear in the cover page of your fax.

Step-4: Attach the file that you need to fax to the e-mail at the click of the “attach” option. Different types of files like DOC, TXT, JPG,XLS, BMP and TIFFcan be attached according to your service provider. While some fax service providers will let you use various file formats, some don’t and this is why it is important to a fax provider who will let you use maximum file types according to your needs.

Step-5: Now, your fax is all set to be sent, so just click on the “Send” option. You will get a sent or error message within seconds.

You can sign up for free trial rounds from various fax service providers like RingCentral and eFax to try out this cool and easy fax sending method. Also, with the help of this service you can receive fax as e-mails directly to your inbox in the form of digital files like PDFs.