Site Loading Speed and Google Rankings

When an ordinary online user wants to find some information on the net, he usually uses Google or Bing to search for the necessary data. This is a special software that is able to investigate the Internet and form a list of sites on which you can find the information you’re actually interested in. Though using such kind of tools sounds quite handy, Google or all other search engines have caused much pain to loads of website developers as they usually have very strict criteria to match if online owners want their sites to be included in the search lists.

Today, we’re going to speak about one of these criteria – site loading speed and will give you several tips and clues on how to speed up your site.

Site Loading Speed: Why Does It Matter?

When you choose a site to surf, you usually pay attention to its web design, content and web performance. If your online platform features a caching design, there is always a great probability that your website will be chosen. Your site can also attract quite a lot of online visitors, once it features a unique and helpful content.

However, none will know about your web content or design if your online platform requires lots of time to load: Google or any other searching engines will exclude your site from their search lists as they always strive to supply their clients with the best services.

Besides SEO rankings, a site loading speed can also influence on such things as:

  •         User experience;
  •         Reputation of the website;
  •         Conversions and bounce rates.

A Slow Site Loading Speed: How to Fix the Problem?

If your site is a crawling one and you’re loosing your potential clients because of this, you can always fix the problem with the help of a CDN service. A CDN is a network of servers located in various parts of the world. Every time when you apply for such services, you let your content to be copied, cached and placed on servers scattered around the world. Such a simple decision gives you a unique opportunity to deliver your web content to your target audience from the server located close to their places of residence at a high speed.

Besides this, a CDN offers a number of other benefits:

  •         It can provide you with a strong internet connection without traffic spikes and package loss;
  •         You can spend less on hosting with a CDN;
  •         A CDN gives you access to additional domains and increases the number of requests made by the browser.

Today, we have spoken about site loading speed and Google rankings. We hope our post helped you to get a better notion of what site loading speed is and why it’s so important nowadays.