Download and install WhatsApp Update

Social networking sites have become a thing of the past today with the emergence of instant messaging apps. This was one of the prime reason the social networking giant Facebook bought WhatsApp for a whopping 19 billion dollars. This is a free cross platform instant messaging app used for chatting, sharing images and making calls and all you need is a smart phone and internet connection. The company releases new features frequently but to avail the same one needs to update WhatsApp regularly. The method of updating it varies according to the smart phone and the operating system it has like windows, android, i phones all have different procedures to update.

Installing and Updating WhatsApp

Installing the app is no rocket science today because all you need to do is to go to the App Store depending on the smart phone or the tablet you are using and search for the app. Once you find it just press the install button and the application is loaded on your device in few minutes. All the android users will find the app in google play store and similarly I phone users can download it from apple store. For those with an windows OS on their systems the app can be found at the Microsoft App Store.

Using Whats App

Usage of the app is not much difficult as the interface is very user friendly. All that is required is a compatible smart phone with a sim card and an active internet connection. The phone number associated with the sim card becomes the username and all your data is linked to it. The best feature associated with the application is that it allows you to keep in touch with people all around the world they have the application installed with active internet connection. All this happens at a very minimal or no cost as it is all internet based. Therefore you can make international and national calls easily at no extra cost and stay in touch with your family and friends. Other then chatting one on one basis the application also allows the users to make groups there by helping you contact more people at a time. The application provides a host of features to its users but one should be cautious enough to update WhatsApp whenever it is due. Else the risk of the application getting obsolete is high.

Privacy conditions for Whats App

The company has taken every care to maintain perfect privacy settings for its users. All the data that is shared through the app is secured with end to end encryption and by no means a third party can read them. Only your profile picture, status and the last seen info is visible by default to others. The app allows you to restrict the privacy settings for you profile picture therefore you can decide who can view the same. This can be done easily through the privacy settings in the application. it is always advisable to do this to protect your privacy.