A Newbie’s guide to Home theaters

Most of us loves going out to movies and getting us immersed in the stories. We all have dreamt of having that surround sound, nice graphics and comfortable chairs in the comforts of our own home right? With the movement of technology, now anyone can make their own home theater at the comforts of their own home.

In this article, we would talk about how to create a movie-going experience at the comfort of your own home.

Create a home theater plan for your home

Most people who have created their own home theater have started without planning anything first, which caused a bit of trouble when all the components arrive and they realize that they don’t have enough space to actually fit the components they have to the specific room they choose to be the viewing room. Thus it would be to your great advantage to use creating a home plan. Make sure of the positioning of the windows are away from the projectors and make sure that you have some degree of soundproofing in the room you would set up the home theater.

Try investing in some comfortable seating

One of the most important aspects of planning your own home theater is that you need to make sure that your comfort is also on the list, as it is important to mimic the cinema experience. You should also try to count the number of people you want to invest a chair for, like your mom and dad, or if you’re with a partner. You should also try investing in some platforms and seat raiser so nobody will be watching the movie through somebody else’s head.

Buying your own projector and screen for viewing

You should try investing a projector with a high-quality display with high color accuracy, and with great attention to detail, and maybe if capable of 3D support. Our team recommends odyssey cinema concepts Projectors which of low prices and high-quality projectors. One should make sure that when investing you consider factors like the noise levels, the installation process, the warranty of the products and of course, the cost of everything.

Buying a sound surround system for your own home

To experience true movie magic, one should make sure to invest in good quality surround sound system for your home theater. The sound system will be the driving factor in your movie watching experience. Many will suggest buying a 7.1 for a wholly cinematic experience with 7 speakers and one subwoofer that would help to create the best experience you could actually have in your home theater. But you could also buy a 5.1 for a cheaper but also effective alternative.

Buying your own home theater lighting 

This may be extra for those who have the capabilities of buying, and this would increase the cinematic feel of your home theater. There are also cheaper alternative such as blinds and shades for those who cannot afford to install this for our home theater.