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GLANCE – London’s Best App Development Agency

Developing an iOS App is not easy. If your business needs an application to be fully optimized for iOS devices, you need Glance. They are the best iOS App Agency in London. Glance knows what your App needs to make it attractive and easy to use that will benefit the  users and your business.

            Glance is popular when it comes to partnering with an agency even though there are many to choose from. They are confident that they can provide you with the service that you need. So let us look at what this company can offer us and what they have achieved.

The GLANCE iOS App Agency

The Glance iOS App Agency has developed a total of 56 Apps where 11 of these became a top hit. Through their meticulous efforts in developing an iOS application, they are able to help brands and startups in getting the best exposure with their mobile applications. Their staff are always coming up with brilliant ideas where they are able to improve their popularity through magazine features, organic press coverage, and industry recognition. They also won awards and have been featured by Apple.

Glance Sample Works

1.CHANEL iPad App

Glance has created quite a number of successful apps and one of these is CHANEL iPad App. This is specifically designed for in-store promotional campaigns that CHANEL is doing across the United Kingdom, France as well as South America. This is focused on the different aspects of the brand experience, enabling shoppers to create their personalized gift basket through this app.

Glance iOS App Agency

2.CANON iPad App

The CANON UST is used as a training tool for Canon representatives in different retail stores. This shows a 360-degree view of the different parts of the product with their individual features for everyone to explore. Using this app, you would be able to see every feature of the Canon product which you can use to demonstrate and test it like the zoom lenses and night modes of the camera.

3.goEvo iPhone App

This is the No diet revolution of goEvo. With this App, you will be able to see a different perspective of food and your body. You will never diet again. goEvo is using therapy for you to manage your emotional eating and cravings. Thus, helping you build a healthy relationship with food as well as boost your motivation and confidence.

Glance doesn’t just build apps. They make it their goal to support the entire mobile strategy through mobile apps, any wearable technology, as well as providing support for the back-end infrastructure to put your idea into a reality.