SVG animation

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The interest towards SVG files is swiftly increasing worldwide, it has been widely been used by designers and online developers. SVGensure excellent creation in an interactive way and resolution-independent vector graphics. The graphics will look great and attractive on any size screen. It gives you the quality, scalability, size, and user-experience, therefore it out-run the GIF format.  An SVG animation is the most preferred by many people since it has replaced other animated formats. SVG animation provides high quality without any scale control.

Why you should choose SVGator

SVGator offers an opportunity for designers and developers, thus creating a unique friendly online experience. There are several reasons why designers and developers choose SVGator, they include:

  • It makes it faster to animate SVG
  • It’s easy way to animate SVG
  • It provides a user-friendly interface
  • Exports a single ready-to-use SVG file

How SVGator works

SVG animation

It is very easy to learn how SVGATOR work since itprovides a user-friendly edge. Users are able to import animated and export SVG files into a tool that enables him to perform SVG animation faster.

SVGator has been designed with an aim of helping every user who is interested in performing SVG animation, one does not require technical skills, all you need to is set up keyframes or assess it by applying animation presets.

They have made it easy for you by adding a code manager, this helps you to use your coding skills. The code manager will assist you to view and automatically edit the generated code.

       The operator interface is in-built and has been made so easy to ensure a satisfying experience while working on your project.


Over the decade SVG animations have been widely used, it comes as a solution for designers and online developers personnel’s forced to deal with coding to animate SVG. It’s faster thus a key advantage for developers as they struggle to manage time.  Thanks to this online tool, no downloadable software, extra plugins, or frustrations are required to get started and you require no logins.

It was launched on October 10, 2017, by a creative and ambitious team looking for an easier way to animate SVG. They created the first version of SVGator that comes with basic features and animators to make SVG animations achievable. They plan to continuously upgrade and develop their tool to offer more and more opportunities for designers and developers to create unique online experiences through animated SVG.