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IBM hosting services – Bluemix

IBM has launched its new and superb cloud hosting service which gives the IBM advantage to the businesses globally. This new IBM hosting service is known as Bluemix. IBM had promoted this server to a great extent and had launched several workshops and marketing events for this purpose.

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Overview of the Bluemix server this amazing cloud service provided by IBM provides platform as a service PaaS. With Bluemix business owners can compose new apps without the issue of setting up the underlying architecture. It also allows composition of web and mobile apps incrementally and rapidly with its amazing architecture. Here are some of the main attractive features provided by the open source community of IBM.

Features —

  1. Speed and simplicity – Bluemix focuses on DevOps model which can reduce the downtime involved in the deployment of applications. It provides the facility of continuous delivery for higher performance. With the Bluemix cloud hosting developers can deliver the code automatically without any hassle of debugging and building some scripts. It can reduce the time which is needed to manage the code delivery by the testers and user community faster. With Bluemix you can deploy the application to multiple spaces which is beneficial for segregation of the environments for testing, development, and production. It allows developers to focus on coding and not on application installation.
  2. Agility – This allows developers to focus on giving business value rather than maintaining the development environment. Bluemix allows scaling environments elastically as per the business demand. You can automatically redeploy workloads to several virtual machines in case of an outage with Bluemix. There is very less downtime of approx 0.01% with this server which is possible because of the underlying architecture which keeps the manageability of the applications and services at an easily understood level. The user can easily start or stop applications and also allocate memory to each of them with a simple interface at this IBM hosting.
  3. Numerous tools – With this IBM hosting developers have the versatility to choose tools for development that work best for their business. Some of the most common tools that are provided by Bluemix include command line tool, eclipse client, and web IDE.
  4. Source control – this cloud server comes with integration with several SCM or source control management systems such as Github, git and Jazz SCM. You can configure these environments to deliver application changes on a continuous basis. Even you can fork and load Open Source cloud foundry apps to Bluemix by IBM which makes development super easy with total control of source code.
  5. Services marketplace – you can incorporate SDKs and service leverage APIs easily and quickly with Bluemix. It also provides a flexible and open ecosystem that allows other companies to provide services which can be easily integrated into applications. With this IBM hosting companies can become both providers as well as users of services. It offers two types of services majorly – Managed service offering and user provided services at affordable prices.