Usefulness of artificial intelligence in marketing: A boon for businesses

Businesses depend on the sales for their growth and this depends on the marketing devices one uses. The various devices used for selling are use of pamphlets and door to door selling. One also sees the use of campaign creation and incentive based selling. But now, there are other kinds of sales technique gaining ground. One such is the omni channel selling.

Pioneering effort leaves the competition stranded

Not one of the firms engaged with other types of selling have a clue about what hit them. The revolutionary method uses the artificial intelligence and automation to sell. We never thought this possible! Yes, and now you know. There are other things in the sky besides the sun and the clouds.

The method is not something new. Every intelligent businessman does things like finding out which product is moving and which ones the customers do not like. They go to extreme lengths to determine the tipping point for the brands and the best time to change them. This, of course, is the surefire way to more profit. But, they do this without automation.

Old methods languish

They hide behind the shelves, look through peep holes. They even present customers with challenging questions such as, “What would you do if this brand is not available? Would you stop using face cream?” Though these produce results, the more intelligent way (and effortless one too) is to use the omni channel.

In omni channel retailing one uses many automation devices such as face recognition cameras and conversational selling. You do not need an introduction to the conversational automation because many of you have heard the automatic response on the phone from the other end of a person who is absent. The use of these Chatbots for selling is useful because there is a reduction of the manpower used and there is an infinite number of ways one can program a Chatbot.

Program the Chatbots

The program is intuitive and so, the Chatbot keeps on learning. It makes changes to adjust to the questions and gives answers programmed to it by the store owner. This would involve the status of the goods in the shop, the prices of various items on sale, the timings of the shop, the mode of delivery for online orders and so on. When the customers see that the shop handles their queries in a matter-of-factly and prompt way, they come to like the shop and prefer it to that of the competitor.

If you were to write down all the answers it would take at least three people to answer the number of queries that one Chatbot would. It is not wonder then that the omni channel retail companies do better commercially than the ordinary ones. The omni selling is a continuity of the process rather than a beginning. So, it involves the customers in myriad ways compared to the ordinary selling process.

This is also the reason for the success of omni marketing. It is part of the customer and not a part of the merchandise that the customer buys. It is the marketing style and so customers adopt it as their own.