Why It’s Good To Learn Animation And Digital Illustration

An animation is a process, the art in making still objects move. Animation goes a long way and had been part of any child’s childhood and still is. Animation Delves into the reality, the impossible, the fantasy that real life and technology was not able to achieve. An animation is one of the few art forms that is widely accepted by many people, mainstream even.

Digital illustration is basically one of the things that are considered as digital art since the artform is all done with the use of a software. With technology these days applied in Animation, it’s also considered as a digital art. Making illustration digital provides this medium that can be revised many times, can be shared in various ways and printed in various mediums.

Why it’s a good to know: Even not knowing how to do it but knowing how the process goes in terms of animation and illustration is something that you should know, not just because it’s interesting and cool, but if you are in a company that does all of these things, then you really need to know the process even if your job is recruitment or human resource. It’s also a good way for you to practice doing some process video and post it on YouTube, surely you will get viral hits!

Why it’s a need to know: If you are an artist that wants to explore animation and digital illustration, then you need to learn it. There are new technologies being applied today as far as both crafts are concerned and it’s these things that you need to learn. Surely you are good at art, but the process of doing things entirely new, you still need to train yourself for it because some animation studios will require it from you when you apply.

Why You should learn it: Learning the digital way in doing art whether it’s animation or illustration should be explored and learned, for the reason that advancements in technology as far as art is concerned is not about removing the tradition of art, but rather giving people more options to explore their art and it’s also made with convenience and comfort in mind. So if you have a chance to explore it, do it, if you don’t know how, then go to school and learn digital animation and illustration. It will be worth your while and will give you more dynamic range as far as what you can do with your art.

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