VPNs and the major controversy!!!

VPNs and the major controversy!!!

With the ban of VPN user among the Netflix, they have become a subject to the controversy among the public where there have been thousands and thousands of people supporting the VPN server. Click here for more information, regarding Netflix proxy error

What are VPNs?

VPN or the virtual private network server is the ones which help in keeping the identification of a user as a private one, instead of providing a virtual IP address for surfing the net.


While using a VPN is still a matter of controversy, the advantages of using are something one cannot leave behind. Some includes :

  • Money Saver.
  • Here come restricted sites.
  • Stay connected.
  • Hide and seek with IP address and
  • On vacation.

Netflix proxy error

Money saver:-

Who wouldn’t want to save some extra bucks all the time? And who wouldn’t want to save them when planning a vacation?? Not me of course. As these VPNs doesn’t provide the original location of the user. They can easily book a flight ticket or a hotel or even rent a car at the much cheap price. Yes, much less than the so-called best saving apps.

Here come rest sites:-

With the help of VPNs, one can have access to the legal website such as Facebook, Twitter and all, but are not allowed in schools, institutions. Hey, when Harry Potter can use the restricted section why not us right??!!!

Stay connected:-

These VPNs offers a lot more connectivity option than a regular server can provide. We have seen those companies having their own servers for them, the reason behind is that it is much easier to connect with that way and safer too from the online hacks and jacks.

Hide and seek with IP address:-

When it comes to IP address, every one of them is being tracked. Even now as we type the article, we are being tracked. So, when you are opting for the VPNs, they help in changing and hiding your own IP address without being tracked.

On paid vacation:-

Even if you are in a less wealthy country, you could have a hefty paying online job using the VPNs. Since the original IP address is hidden from the watch all they can see is the one which you want them to see. You can work from home online in China or Thailand to the US or Canada.


The disadvantage of the VPNs are the regular one which is as follows:-

  • Slow connection.
  • Lacks experience providers.
  • Limited mobile access.
  • Limited servers.

Apart from these, the disadvantages of the VPNs are only a few. Also, they help in tackling the proxy error with the computer. For more information https://best10vpn.com/netflix-proxy-error-here-are-vpns-that-still-work/.