Discover the best metal detectors for all type of metals

Discover the best metal detectors for all type of metals

Most of the members think metal detecting as some old modelled game in which, the crazy old guy just walks up and down the shoreline on their beach vacation. However, knowing about it clearly will make you understand that it is surprisingly an addictive hobby in which there is so much more to explore than just looking funny at the beach. At, you can learn what this hobby is all about, what you’ll need to get started, why it has become so popular, and so much more! Here you can find best
models both for beginners and professionals.

Just looking for guides on metal detectors? Here at you can find everything. All the guides and articles on detectors of different models both for the beginners and professionals, present in tenrows website are written by experts who have been a metal detecting enthusiast for decades. This metal detecting hobby can also be very addictive one mainly when you find yourself digging up relics that are hundreds of years old.

The first thing to understand about metal detecting is that different people have different reasons to detect. Here are just a few more of the common reasons for why people choose it as their hobby:

The love of being active in the outdoors,
The love for coin collecting. It can be either older colonial silver coins or more modern coins like wheat pennies,
The love of history and thrill of being able to collect something that hasn’t seen the light of day in hundreds of years,
On the other hand, metal detecting can be a fantastic form of exercise,

Of course, this metal detecting process can also offer you financial gain from either selling your finds such as gold and silver or even gold nuggets.

Discover the best metal detectors for all type of metals

When you are first starting out the metal detection, all you really need is a detector. A quality entry level metal detector for a beginner will cost you anywhere from $150 to $500. Any metal detector that cost over $500 is considered to be the mid-level detector. As a surprise, some high-level metal detectors can cost up to $10,000 too. However, metal detectors that cost this much are meant for gold prospecting in areas where there’s known gold in the ground like on old claims. For metal detectors that are more all-around machines, the maximum amount you are going to pay at the moment is about $2,000- this is for the most advanced technology machines with bells and whistles. To know more about metal detectors that suit your specific purpose, you can check out

The purpose of this site is to take you, the reader, along with them as they discover, learn and take up various metal detectors that are used for various purposes.