external and local IP address

All about external and local IP address

The people who want to engage them in the field of networking must have a clear idea about the IP address and the things behind it. Even though the local IP and the external IP address sound to be different they both are used for the same purpose. The only difference which can be pointed out among them is the scope. As the name indicates, the local IP is used inside the system or the private network. And the external IP is used across the internet for pointing out the location of a device or computer system in the network.

external IP address

Public IP address

The public IP address is nothing but the external IP address. Whenever an internet service provider is hired, they will allot an IP address which is nothing by the external IP address. Once if the computer user accesses a website, the request to the web page will be sent along with this IP address. Thus, each and every time when the browser visits a website, they will get accessed to this IP address without any constraint. however, the website will have its own IP.

Local IP address

This is the IP address which is allotted to the when the computer is connected to the router. The most important thing which is to be noted about the local IP address is it will be kept hidden from the external world. And it will be used only inside the private network. While considering the local IP it may get changed depending upon the device that is connected to the network. In case if the user is in need of static IP address, they can change the settings in the control panel. This static local IP is the specific IP which will not get changed even if other systems are connected to the network. People who want to know what is my local ip, they can collect the details from the command prompt. Knowing the local IP is quite easy and the only thing is the users should be aware of the right way.