Facts About Leasing vs. Buying Office Printers

Facts About Leasing vs. Buying Office Printers

Buying an office printer is a tedious task and the decision to whether opt to purchase printers outright or get them on lease from a business equipment provider is equally tedious. You can always trust websites such as https://printq.nl/ but you first need to access facts about leasing versus buying office printers.

Buying a printer from https://printq.nl/ has its share of unique advantages. This website allows you to get the best deals on printers and you have a wide range of printer options to choose from. Not only this, you can access huge discounts and other offers to get more value from your hard-earned money.

Let us access details about the primary types of business equipment leases first and then we will proceed on why to buy a printer from https://printq.nl/.

Types Of Business Equipment Leases

Operating leases: A big majority of businesses prefer operating leases that are also known as fair market value leases. A business is essentially renting a piece of equipment when it gets an operating lease for a printer. This means that the printer never gets added to balance sheet of the lessee (someone who holds the lease of a property; the business in this case). The lessee gets an option to purchase the printer at end of the lease tenure. However, the buy cost will be determined by the lessor and it will be based on terms and conditions of the agreement, wear and tear, depreciation, market demand, etc.


Capital leases: Also referred to as $1 out purchase leases, capital leases are more like loans on the money as compared to a rental on the equipment. This means that the principal and interest being paid go towards the printer’s cost and the printer goes to balance sheet of the lessee. Since 100 percent of the equipment cost is financed, the monthly rate for a capital lease is higher.

Leasing a printer is an easy and quick way to avoid obsolescence. Secondly, leasing allows businesses to get printers with low upfront costs that further helps in preserving credit. Moreover, there are no resale or disposal hassles when printers are leased by a company. One of the biggest advantages of leasing printers is that most equipment providers offer amazing maintenance plans.

On the other hand, purchasing printers has its own share of advantages. There is no denying the fact that it is almost always less expensive option to purchase printers than getting them on lease. It is important to note here that a leased printer cannot be sold, but a bought printer can always be sold. Purchased printers can be repaired from any technical support team or individual without hesitation or outside approval.

It is also important for you to note that there are tax implications for both leasing and buying printers. Many equipment leases can be claimed. Both owned and leased printers fall under Section 179 deduction. However, it is always best to have a word with your accountant before you make the final decision to lease or buy printers.