Looking For An Excellent Electrical Company, Promwad Is The Best Choice

As one of the leading company in electrical design, manufacture, and production, we understand the value of quality products to offer solutions to our clients. We have assembled a team of electronics and electrical engineering personnel tasked with designing and developing various products that are unrivaled by none in the market. These products range from navigational devices, computers, communications devices, medical monitoring equipment and many others. The team gives a subtle touch, delivers a high quality and the final products are affordable, highly reliable, and durable and suits the needs of the client entirely. No product leaves our factory untested or uncertified, and quality trusted products are our defining ethos.

Tasks of our team of engineers

Just like every other engineering enterprise our engineers in a creative way are tasked with several responsibilities. With lots of experience in electrical and electronics they build, repair, test, troubleshoot, layout and modify. These processes could be on a conveyor belt or single managed for either production or development of electronic parts, components, systems, devices, and equipment. They are all certified and registered members of the engineering regulatory body, and therefore their work is competent, and they are real experts by earning it. That is why Promwad is on the forefront with every innovation, invention and research and a trusted designer and manufacturer for fortune companies.

Hardware analysis and simulation

In PCB design, hardware analysis and simulation is a core function that embodies 3D modeling to make project time shorter and sustainable but attaining the necessary quality parameters set, offering guaranteed reliability on all designs and hardware.

During hardware development, the following analysis and simulation methods are used to achieve the intended goal of every project we undertake. They include:

  • 3D modeling

The use of 3D modeling in PCB designs is mainly aimed to integrate the design extensively with the hardware. This simulation and analysis process helps achieve fast and efficiently produced hardware design because it reduces time spent and costs incurred significantly. 3D modeling helps our technicians detect any faults, misconfigurations and design mistakes in the project’s initial stages. It is easy to perform as ready-made hardware models are available for thermal analysis.


  • Signal Integrity Analysis (SI)

This simulation method is used on sophisticated designs of digital circuit hardware which bears a particular high-frequency interface. SI is applied during PCB design at the stage of circuit development. Circuitry issues like induction of conductors, capacitors freeloading, inconsistencies on circuits and adjacent conductors’ mutual induction are diagnosed and corrected.

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis (EMC)

This analysis is applied to check, correct and configure electromagnetic compatibility of hardware layout making up the circuit board. This process minimizes occurrences of iterations, time spent on certification testing. It improves electromagnetic compatibility and integration for complex devices.

  • Thermal Simulation

This method is used on PCB designs involving high currents such as air vents and heat sink in the hardware of the device being designed. The simulation process mitigates overheating of devices after being used for long, increases its reliability, reduces time spent and costs incurred to develop and eliminates unnecessary and avoidable expenditure on warranties maintenance or replacement.

Please read more about how we carry out our designs simulations and analysis to come up with durable, reliable, efficient and defect frees hardware designs and products to suit our customer needs. We are a leading electrical and electronics company, not by chance but by right.