How To Make The Best Paper Airplane

How to make a Paper glider that flies for a Long Time

Little fun time as kids

We all have tried making these simple paper airplane when we were little kids with the small little papers lying around our home, right? Have you ever tried making airplanes in different ways and tested how easy paper airplane that fly far? I have done it many a times! And I have seen that each time I make the best paper airplane glider this way, then it flies for a longer distance and takes a longer time to reach the ground!

How to make a paper airplane easy fast cool- a step by step guide

So today, I am going to give you a step by step guide to that particular paper airplane model and make it easy for you to make the best paper airplane ever!

How To Make The Best Paper Airplane

  1. Take a normal letter paper and a scissor.
  2. Fold into half vertically along the longer side. Unfold.
  3. Take the top right portion and fold it towards the center. Repeat the same with the left top corner too.
  4. Fold the top half of the triangle looking portion towards the bottom. Crease well at the folds.
  5. Take the top right corner and fold to the center. Do the same tot he left top corner too.
  6. Take the tip of the triangle and fold above the previous folding. It looks like a little triangle on top, right! Then you are making the airplane in the right track. Go on!
  7. Fold the entire piece into half with the triangle facing up.
  8. Fold the long bottom piece of the airplane for about an inch and exactly the same size of the half triangle. Unfold.
  9. Now fold both the wings along the previous crease that you have made and turn over.
  10. Fold up the bottom which is the body of your airplane. Flip over!
  11. Fold a little of one of the wing. Fold the flap again and make a bent in it like a half way. Repeat the step to the other wing too.
  12. Take the scissor and make a small cut till the crease in the bottom back portion of the airplane. This step is optional. But doing this assures stability to your airplane while on the flight as well on the ground! So do not miss this! Open up the wings and pull the cut portions to the top like it is projecting and pointing upwards.

End of steps! Now, hold the bottom of your model and Fly your Airplane glider to heights!

Try this awesome paper airplane glider, see the heights it goes and enjoy it with your friends in your pretty garden!