Digital Marketing Why and What

Digital Marketing: Why and What?

Advancement in technology and the birth of various social media platforms has made traditional marketing techniques almost obsolete.

In traditional marketing, products and services are advertised through radio, newspaper, television, brochures, and billboards. As our generation now spends most of the time on the Internet, these traditional marketing techniques are no longer effective. This has led to the birth of digital marketing.

Digital marketing uses the power of the Internet and digital media to reach consumers effectively in a shorter duration. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, click bait links, and blogs are used for this purpose.

Digital marketing has several advantages over the traditional marketing techniques-

·         Low Cost

Digital marketing can be used to reach millions of potential customers at a price lower than the traditional marketing techniques. Small businesses can advertise their products without having to worry about overhead costs. Hence, digital marketing is accessible to small and large businesses alike.

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·         It’s Measurable

It’s extremely difficult to measure the effectiveness of traditional marketing techniques, whereas this is possible and easy in Digital marketing.The rate of success of a digital marketing technique can be quantified almost without any time delay.

There are several analytic tools available online which can be used to measure the various components of digital marketing like the hit rate of a blog, ad performance and their conversion rates.

·         Target the Right Audience

Traditional marketing campaigns work only if it reaches the right audience. If not, then it’s a waste of resources. In contrast, digital marketing campaigns can be designed to target the right audience which is based on user demographics and preferences.

Techniques like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), pay-per-click, and pop-ups targets the audience who might be interested in the products or services offered.

·         Wide Reach

Today, almost everyone has an account on a social media platform like Instagram or Facebook and uses a mail service for communication.

Digital marketing uses these media streams to reach and engage their target audience. Companies can directly interact with its consumers, get feedback and constantly improve their products and services while gaining a good profit margin. Hence, its reach is global.

·         Easy To Implement Any Changes

Businesses can view the reach of their advertisements, make any changes if necessary, and implement them on the fly without any negative impact. This quick process provides real time results and saves time.

This is not possible in traditional marketing techniques, as the implemented changes require some time to create an impact.

·         Better Engagement

Unlike traditional marketing techniques which involve one sided communication, the digital marketing campaigns are designed for a better engagement with the target audience. This is made possible by using promotions, special discounts, and blog posts.

There are many marketing agencies available online which work on providing digital marketing support to other businesses.

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