When to Build Backlinks

Before you dive into link acquisition, you should work towards building a strong foundation. A strong foundation is absolutely necessary to make your link building more effective. Link building in a well-optimized website would be highly effective. Once your backlinks are effective, half of your job is already completed. You won’t have to work too hard to get your desired results. This will ultimately result in the saving of your money and time.

However, there are certain things you need to cover before you jump into building a link. You can also have a look at Jasa backlink.

Fixing All Technical/UX Issues

A good user experience (UX) is what the user wants. There are certain things which can ruin this. One of them is technical issues. The user experience is correlated to the performance of the SEO techniques. This should be the foundation stage of the entire process. If this is looked after carefully, your backlinks can be highly effective which is certainly good for your website.

If your backlink isn’t effective, you need to shed more money on acquiring more. Some common technical issues include site loading speed, mobile view,and duplicate content among others.

Developing a Strong Site Architecture

An intelligent site structure is a good way to link building. Reverse silo is one of the strategies of building a strong site architecture. They are built in order to acquire the backlinks to pages which are rich in content rather than acquiring backlinks to non-linkable pages such as homepages, product pages, etc. Blog posts or informative pages are content-rich pages. Reverse Silo is more effective for link acquisition because it links to information-driven pages rather than sale driven pages. And this is what most people like. They are more willing to link to informative pages rather than sales pages.

Creating Linkable Assets

Linkable assets are usually a blog post or information-driven page. Any page of the blog which is designed with the idea of educating or adding values is generally termed as linkable assets. Creating linkable assets should be the beginning of every link building campaign. The reasons for acquiring backlinks to a valuable asset are not only because it’s easier, but also because it’s scalable in the long run. Without much additional effort, new backlinks can be earned overtime. But only if the content you created is in the right way. However, the most important thing is your backlink should be of good quality. Without which, your backlink is less likely to be effective.


Before you build a backlink, you should follow the above points. These points will help you in creating better backlinks for your website which can lead to better results.