How to Choosea dedicated server

How to Choosea dedicated server

If it is time for your company to select a dedicated server, the process should not be complicated or stressful. The first thing to do when making this decision is to determine exactly what you need from a dedicated hosting server of your choice.

There are three main areas to consider when choosing a dedicated server, which include:

  • The requirements of your business
  • Requirements for the configuration of a dedicated web server.
  • Your dedicated hosting budgets

Business requirements 

In fact, this can apply to many different considerations. This includes the expected number of visitors if the sites hosted on a dedicated hosting server are critical to your business, etc. Before making a decision, consider the following services and functions of a Dedicated servcer in Sweden:

Dedicated servcer in Sweden

  • Backup solutions and disaster recovery methods that a dedicated server has.
  • Antiprol, firewalls, antivirus and security that are provided. This refers to the integral protection of the server.
  • Existing aspects of electronic commerce include SSL certificates.
  • Availability requirements.
  • Server management services.

Although this is not an exhaustive list, you should make sure you know exactly what the dedicated hosting server offers before making the final decision.

Configuration requirements

The number of things to consider when setting up a dedicated server, of course. This means that you know the exact specifications for the hosting server configuration you need and the one you choose. These eight aspects include:

  • Server management
  • OS
  • Scalability and perspective.
  • Data center
  • Web server
  • Speed ​​and performance
  • Bandwidth and data transfer
  • Database application

Your hosting budgets

It is well known that you need to make sure that you can really pay what you need from your dedicated web server. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for, but knowing your budget will allow you to determine if you can provide functions and services that can provide the services your company needs.

When it comes to setting up a dedicated server, there are seven main cost areas, which include:

  • Monthly server rate: includes electricity, bandwidth and the space in which the server is located.
  • Configuration: this is a fee to configure and run the server.
  • Administration: if you choose to manage your server, the fees will be charged.
  • Bandwidth As a general rule, the bandwidth load is shown only in two cases: bandwidth in excess or not measured.
  • Software licenses and operating systems.
  • Update If you decide to update your server, two rates will apply: the cost of updating the hardware and the installation fee.
  • Several: these can be reboots, data backup and port access speed. If you examine the offers of a dedicated server, you can easily determine what it is.