How to use a proxy

How to use a proxy

Getting hold of a web proxy is much easier than making one yourselfand setting them up would be a chore, which can be avoided by choosing a proxy. You will be happy to note that the proxy servers will be able to be compatible with various devious and applications they are attached to. You can get to know about the site being proxy if they happen to allow you to place an URL and will enable you to browse through their website to get to other sites.The only disadvantage that is presumed by using proxies would be that they let out the amount of bandwidth you will be using, so your data limitations can be bypassed in this manner. Now you can make use of the proxy site.

How does it work?

You will have to check out if the site that you have chosen for being web proxy is working, by allowing to get hold of you your public IP address. This way, you know that you have selected an official site for your hiding your identity. The proxy websites have caches that help you quicken up the process of you getting hold of information from the sites you choose to go through the proxy way.

proxy site

The need to have this done will help you not get noticed at all, especially when you are trying to hoodwink and get to other sites without your revelation. You can always check your actual Ip address and the one the proxy site has given you and if they happen, to be different you know you havebeen masked with another identity in the online space. With the caches working overtime, you can access the same site or page faster than before.

You will have to note that web proxies can hide your identity, but whatever character you hold as accounts on specific sites online will remain the same, and you can’t suddenly turn anonymous on them.  This way, you could be easily traced from the various accounts you will be holding, and there is no escaping from that, at this point of time. If you still want to hide your identity and get away with it. You have to have anonymous accounts in every form of service; this will make it difficult for anyone to trace to. So before turning proxy make sure that your other accounts online be it mail accounts, sites accounts and other made anonymous and then you can further your need to mask identity through the web proxy alternative.