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For those who do not yet know exactly what an auction is, know that it is the sale of items (furniture or real estate) to the highest bidder. In other words, the ownership of the property in question will be attributed to the person offering the best price offer. Depending on the case, the price of the item may be determined either by the officials responsible for ensuring the implementation of the sale or by interested buyers.

The opportunity of a good deal

The first advantage of buying a property at an advertise auction is certainly the chance to buy it at a price that can defy any competition. Indeed, the objective of an auction is to somehow get rid of items, in many cases, the buyer can appropriate a property sometimes at a price up to less than 90% of that posted on the market. In addition, items for sale are generally in good condition. What more

Find rare items

Collectors and lovers of antiques have a very good chance of finding a shoe to their feet in an auction. In addition, if you are looking for a rare model or an imported item, it is also a place to focus. Indeed, it is often a process during which items are sold that you will certainly not have the opportunity to find on the market. Some items are even very valuable.


How to estimate the value of a property

It may sometimes happen that one does not always know the monetary value of a good, either because its price has never been the subject of a determination at the base, or because this price knows incessant variations. In this case, the auction can be a means of determining the actual value of the property.

Real estate auctions, what is it?

The auction is a sales process that puts sellers and buyers in contact. In the case of real estate auctions, the properties offered for sale can be very varied. This can be houses, apartments, land, sheds, castles, villas … as you will see on this site of real estate auction listings.

These auctions can be organized by notaries. In this case, the demand emanates from the owners of the property in question as opposed to the judicial sales which often follow a judicial liquidation or foreclosure due to non-payments. Finally, there are also real estate sales of domains. The goods offered for sale belong to the State and those who have no heirs or whose heirs have not wished to take advantage of them.

In any case, an advertisement will be put in place in the press, in the legal notices and newspapers, on the internet … This allows you to read the conditions of the sale. Indeed, as shown on this page, each advertisement contains the description of the property, photos or a virtual tour, the price and the days and hours of visit.