Open Up The Way To Free Instagram Likes

Open Up The Way To Free Instagram Likes

Instagram is one of the most preferred social media platforms today, which is being preferred by companies for their brand promotion and upliftment.  According to statistics, traffic driven by Instagram is even more than that driven by most sought after platforms like facebook, where companies and brands do run their promotion campaigns on a large scale.

Getting followers and free Instagram likes is everyone’s desire, but you need to have a specified strategy to do that.

Use your bio space effectively

Your bio is the first impression your followers or visitors have of you so you should use this bio effectively. Instagram offers to share the link of your website or any other social media link on your bio, So you got to optimize it effectively. Maybe you could try updating the links of your daily published blogs or your weekly published videos on your YouTube channel.

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Use effective and as many hashtags as possible

It’s quite important to use the most relevant and as many hashtags as possible for your post. Hashtags are quite effective in boosting the reach of your post. For instance, using the hashtag with a reach of more than 1k followers will help to feature your post among a lot wider circle and audience.

Mark your presence on the profiles of the people whose list of following is more than followers

It’s a good technique to visit the profiles of people who have fewer followers. If you do comment or like their posts, it will tempt them to visit your profile, and they might want to follow you back. You would want to mark your presence on such profiles.

Effective use of hashtags and location tags in stories

One should not undermine the use of good and relevant hashtags, and because it’s your story, it is publicly visible, and it gives you a fair chance to let people visit your profile, and your story is the gateway to it. Effective hashtags should be used relevant to the posts which can help feature your post among a larger audience. Also, it’s very important to mention the location tags which can help your posts reach among the hashtags of those locations, which is again a fair area to increase the visibility of your profile and posts.

So these were some of the best strategies of 2019, which can help you boost your Instagram profile as per the latest trends and features although these strategies need to be revisited as per additions in latest features and options. Hope that helps my readers.