Why Embracing VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is Good for SMEs

You heard about VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) but you quickly dismissed it because it sounds complicated and you do not want that additional complication in your business. Well, if you do not want to miss more opportunities and be left out, it is time that you acquaint yourself with VDI and how it can benefit your business.

When you come across Virtual Desktop, it refers to a computer that you can operate and access over the Internet. Essentially, VDI features everything when you buy a regular computer but what makes it remarkable is it gives access to everything via the cloud. Simply put, VDI allows you access applications from anywhere and on almost any device – securely.

You must understand that VDI is hosted by a third party cloud service provider. Through this, a single application can be delivered to several users (which are referred to as “tenants”). This means that your cloud services provider will ensure that your virtual desktops are hosted securely. When you look at it closely, this takes time-consuming activities and tasks away from the staff.

VDI is more than this. To understand better, here’s why it is good for SMEs:

It can reduce the costs

Without a doubt, constantly upgrading a fleet of desktop computers and hiring IT staff to run them can be incredibly expensive. You must know that many businesses embrace VDI because it can reduce the costs associated with upgrading and maintaining desktops.

At the end of the day, you no longer need to set a budget for hardware upgrades because you already have virtualisation subscriptions. It is also a good fit for your business because it can lessen the cost associated with employees staying in the office since they are allowed to work remotely.

It is fast featuring simple deployments

As mentioned, VDI is responsible for upgrades and maintenance. With this, you can easily remove or add virtual desktops according to the needs of your business. Ultimately, this can help deal with excess equipment or even a lack of resources.

It offers remote access

There is a trend of employees working remotely and this is made possible through VDI. Whether your employees travel or have other personal obligations to attend to, you are still encouraging them to remain productive by providing a platform that they can access wherever and whenever.

In VDI, it allows employees to log into the system and immediately access all applications that are needed when working. Aside from increasing employee productivity, remote access also decrease office costs.

It saves data in a central location

Embracing VDI adds to the simplicity of the service. This means that all data is now stored in one location instead of putting it on different local workstations. By saving in a central location, it is easier to backup. In the end, it mitigates the risk of data loss in case a hardware failure occurs.

It is scalable

More importantly, VDI is scalable. Scalability is important for business because it constantly changes. Whether you remove or add users, virtual desktops will make it easy to scale according to the requirements of your business.

About the Author

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